Best Sellers

Fence/Snowmen- $13.00
Available with: Couple or 1-4 children

Snowball Family
Couple, 1-8 Children or
Single Mom with 1-3 Children

North Pole
0-5 Children

Snowman with Lights
Available with: 2-9 Lights

Baby Stocking- $12.00
Available in Pink or Blue

Naked Baby
Comes in blue or pink

Bride and Groom- $14.00

Presents with Heads
                     Available with: 1-8 Heads

Cookie Sheet- $13.00
Available with: 2-8 Gingerbread Men

Pregnant Mom- $13.00
Available with Dark or Light or Red Hair

Blue Sleigh- $14.00
Available with: 1-5 Snowmen

Dog- $11.00
Available in: Brown, Black, Tan, Grey, White

Flat Dogs
Available in: White, White w/ Brown, White w/ Black, White w/ Brown and Black, Black, Black w/ White, Brown, Brown w/ white, Tan, Grey

Peas in Pod- $12.00
Available with: 2-5 Peas

Snowman With Tree- $14.00
Available with Couple or 1-3 Children